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Q: How many days do an order take to be shipped and delivered ?

A: An order by AFPL is prepared to be shipped within 48 hours. The shipping is done right after. The order then takes 7 to 10 working days to reach its destination.


Q: How can I track my order ?

A: Once you place the order you will get a confirmation call from AFPL within 24 hours. After you confirm the order we will proceed with the order for shipping. Within the next 24 to 48 hours you will get your tracking link via WhatsApp from our team.


Q: How will I find my tracking Id ?

A: Our team will contact you within 24 to 48 hours of placing the order. Once the order is confirmed by you, you will receive a tracking link via WhatsApp from our team.


Q: Will all my orders come in a single package or not ?

A: The packaging depends on the availability of the dress. If all your orders are available at the warehouse at the time of confirmation, we will ship them together in the same package. In case all the orders are not present at the warehouse, we will first ship the ones available and later ship the rest.


Q: Why is my order returned to the company ?

A: Your order has been returned to the company because the delivery person was not able to contact you. Please edit your address or contact details if you have faced this issue.


Q: Can I edit my order after shipping ?

A: No, once the shipping is done, it is impossible for us to make the edits in the order. However, you can make edits within 24 hours of placing the order. You can directly contact our team or make the changes when you get the confirmation call from us.

Q: What is AFPL’s cancelation policy ?

A: We accept cancelation requests within 24 hours of ordering. Make sure you cancel the order in time or it will be shipped from our end.


Q: How and when can I cancel my order ?

A: The best time to cancel an order is right after you have placed the order and before it has shipped. It will save us some energy. You can simply cancel your order by contacting our team over WhatsApp.


Q: Can I cancel my order after it has arrived ?

A: No, you cannot cancel your order after it has arrived. However, you can simply return the order to us. We will arrange a reverse pickup for the order. Once received back, we will put it through a quality check. Once approved, you will receive AFPL credits for your order that you can use whenever you wish to in the future. The credits never expire.


Q: Will I get a full refund on cancelation of my order ?

A: At AFPL we do not have a refund policy after the cancellation of an order. If you still cancel or return your order you will be given a credit note for the store that you can use later.


Q: I wish to cancel only a part of my order, can I do that ?

A: Yes, you can cancel a part of your order if you do not wish to get it. The process of the cancellation will remain the same and hassle free. You just have to contact our team via the WhatsApp number and we will process your request. Make sure the request is put up within 24 hours of placing the order.

Q: How can I return my order ?

A: Step 1. - You can request a return simply by contacting us on our support number. Or you can email us at [email protected]

Step 2 - Our team will get in action and start the process. We will arrange a return pickup in 2-3 days.

Step 3 – The order will reach back to us in 7 days.

Step 4 – The order will go under quality check.

Step 5 – Once approved, you will receive store credits that you can use whenever you wish


Q: Will I be charged for a return ?

A: Our reverse shipment is free for once for every order. If there are multiple reverse shipments in a single order, it will be charged at 250INR for each reverse shipment.

Q: Till when can I use my store credit ?

A: Store credits never expire. You can use the store credits whenever you wish to in your lifetime. You can use them in 2 months or after 10 years. We will always be happy to deliver our precious products to you.


Q: Can I give the order back to the delivery person if it’s not as per my choice ?

A: No, you cannot give the order back to the delivery person. We do not offer trials while delivery. If you are ordering on COD, you will not be allowed to open the parcel before you handover the amount of the order.
If you do not like the order, you can simply generate a return request and we will take back the order. It is a hassle free process.


Q: Can I return a part of my order ?

A: Yes, you can return a part of the order. The return policy is simple and convenient. Once the return request is generated, we will begin the return process.

Aradhna Fashions is a 43 years old fashion house physically located in Amravati, Maharashtra. For over 4 decades Aradhna fashion has been the most prominent name for fashion in Amravati. Our customers love us and take pride in being a part of the AFPL family. The love of our customers and 43 years of work in fashion led us to finally come online to reach out to customers around the nation. Our quality and versatile collection is our pride. Our humongous collection has a lot to choose from for everyone. We have been working with an aim to reach every household in the country and soon enough, we will.

How is return impacted due to lockdown orders?

As per government orders, several regions in the country are under lockdown. Shipping of non-essential items has been restricted under the same orders. Due to the same, if you are in a restricted area the return of your order will only take place after the lockdown orders are retrieved. Your store credits against your return order will be transferred to your account once the order has been picked up after the lockdown.


Why is COD service not available in regions with lockdown restrictions ?

Our shipping partners who provide COD services are not delivering orders in several regions due to lockdown guidelines. Due to the same, we are unable to provide COD services in the regions following lockdown orders by the government. Delivery for pre-paid orders is still possible by other shipping partners.
COD services are available in regions where there is no lockdown. These will resume in all the regions after lockdown ends.


Will there be any delay in the orders?

The delivery time of the orders will be slightly more. An order will take 10-12 days to reach you due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.


How would cancellation of orders take place while lockdown ?

The cancelation of orders is still hassle-free. If you have placed your order and it has not reached you, you can cancel it anytime.


Will I receive my money back on cancellation?

Yes you will receive your money back on cancellation if we have not dispatched your order. However, if the order is dispatched, you will receive credit against your cancelation.

Q: I have received the wrong product, what do I do ?

A: If this happens, record a video of the order and share it with us on WhatsApp along with the picture of the shipping label. We will then raise a request for “Wrong product received.” Our team will verify the situation from our end. If the request is accepted, you will be informed within 48 hours of the same.


Q: Will the dress be the same as the picture ?

A: Yes, the work of the dress, the length, the style, and everything else will be the same as the picture. However, due to the lighting used during the photoshoot, the color of the dress may or may not differ by a shade or two. In order to confirm the color, you can always read about it in the description.


Q: Will the colors be exactly the same as the picture ?

A: The color of the dress may or may not differ by a shade or two from the pictures. Artificial lighting is used during the photoshoot of every product which may at times cause a slight difference in the color of the dress in pictures.
If you have doubts, you can always read about the dress and its color in the description or reach out to us


Q: How will I know if the fabric is satisfactory ?

A: Aradhana Fashion is a 40 years old brand. We have our physical stores in Amravati, Maharashtra where we are loved. Our quality and fabric are our pride. Our quality is the one USP we have that has helped us become the most prominent fashion brand in parts of Maharashtra. The fabric will be as described in the description of the product.


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